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A unique, transparent and cost efficient solution in a user friendly environment

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Hub for Guarantees of Origin for whole Europe

In 2010 COMMERG created the first marketplace for energy profiles and structured energy products. We pride ourselves on providing a unique, transparent and cost efficient solution for customers in a user friendly environment.

Leader of green certificates

We are leading in Certificats Verts, GroeneStroomCertificaten and WKK/CHP-certificates. You can use our platform to trade also TÜV Süd EE, French CEE, OKpower, Naturemade, EKOenergy and many more.

The Market

A name passing broker

As a name passing broker, COMMERG acts as an intermediary for a wide range of participants within the industry. COMMERG does not take positions in any products traded on the COMMERG Electronic Trading System (ETS), facilitating clients with the best possible prices for the commodities they trade.

About Us

Having more than forty years of trading experience in our Executive Team within the financial and commodity markets, we understand the needs of our customers and can deliver your company superior trading results.

Commerg Platform

COMMERG’s Electronic Trading System (ETS) allows traders and analysts to easily access products, prices and volumes traded in the market on a daily basis. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solutions combined with excellent customer service.

Commerg Platform

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