Commerg Platform


Electronic Platform

Our innovative, browser-based trading platform is fully customizable, packed with useful features and offers consistently fast and reliable executions.

Innovative functions

Our Electronic Trading Platform is an industry-leading platform for non-standard products. We take your concerns and privacy seriously, that’s why we have invented the Credit matrix. You will only trade with the companies you want. We made this feature as easy as possible to use, so you can simply set a list of “enabled” or “blocked” companies, which can be automatically disabled from direct trading with you. You remain in control of your counterparty risk.



Numerous Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) are offered for accessing Commerg’s Electronic markets. Allowing third parties to develop applications makes Commerg’s Electronic markets more efficient and flexible, giving more participants greater access to the Commerg platform. Commerg conducts conformance testing and member dress rehearsals in order to safeguard the integrity of its marketplace.


All Commerg trading members are required to use conformant software at all times while connected to the markets and must demonstrate the highest level of technical and operational readiness to enable entry into the market. Accordingly, Commerg provides a range of services to assist members, ISV’s and other approved third parties in gaining software certification for access to its live production environment.


Trade Capture

Commerg offers a FIX-based interface for real-time deal capture and market information feeds. This interface enables trading participants to receive real-time notifications for all trades done by participants in the same organization. It also supports a request to query historical trades for a given set of markets and time window.

Key Features of the FIX Trade Capture interface include

  • Real-time trade notifications with low latency
  • One trade report for spread deals and their associated legs – which eliminates the complexity of the API logic to link deals to the original order when there are multiple partial executions
  • Ease of reconciliation with orders sent using the Commerg FIX Interface
  • Multiple options to subscribe/unsubscribe for trade notifications
  • Parent company users may subscribe/unsubscribe trade notifications for one or any number of its child companies

Access & connectivity

All access to the platform’s Order Routing and Trade Capture API requires prior approval. Please contact us to begin the approval process or ask for more information about the connectivity.

Target Users: ISVs, and trading participants