Commerg’s Electronic Trading System

Our ETS platform is fully customizable, you can choose which product you want to buy or sell and specify the provenance, the origin technology (solar, wind, hydro, biomass) and much more.

With our system you can rest easy: the deal is only confirmed once that both counterparties have mutually checked and accepted each other.

To give you more control on trading activities, we developed the Credit Matrix system. You can choose which companies you want to trade with. We made this feature as easy as possible to use, so you can simply set a list of “enabled” or “blocked” companies, which can be automatically disabled from direct trading with you. You remain in control of your counterparty risk.

GO Trading Products


GO Auctions

An auction for renewable energy allows you to set the conditions at which you wish to purchase renewable energy certificates.


Price Reports

Every day we gather price information from the renewable electricity wholesale market. From this information we compile price reports.

sales trading GOs

Sales Trading

With the sales trading feature you can represent your clients’ buying and selling interests, whilst trading in your own name as company.

credit risk matrix

Credit Matrix

Involve your risk department by allowing them to update the credit lines with companies involved in the GO market. No more trades stuck on bad credit and prices on the trading platform change according to your credit lines.

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